Environmntal Services Oman

RAWAFID Environmental Serivices (RES) is an environmental monitoring company focused on offering independent environmental and process monitoring services, instruments and systems across multiple industry sectors including mining and resources, power generation, manufacturing, transport and construction and government departments. RES is an Omani owned company, founded in 2023, with office located in Muscat Oman.

Key Elements

Continuous Field Environmental and Process Monitoring Services

RES delivers complete monitoring systems for continuous environmental and process monitoring. Monitoring solutions are designed using best practice principles to meet regulatory compliance requirements and inform operational management. Strong engineering skills combined with extensive environmental management knowledge enables development of robust, well-engineered, innovative bespoke systems to satisfy project specifications and endure harsh climatic conditions.

Static Field Environmental Monitoring Services

Campaign based collection of environmental samples including dust deposition, high volume air sampling, gases, surface water, groundwater, soil and microbiological sampling to applicable standards.

Environmental Monitoring Instrument Supply

RES can source instruments for environmental monitoring at competitive prices and advise on suitability for client applications. A complete product sales service is offered which includes advice, sales and support for instrumentation, data loggers and telemetry with lease options available. RES also supply calibration and measurement standards. The product range includes proprietary and third party manufactured equipment.

RES Services

  • Environmental Consultancy & Studies (EIA/EMP)
  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Metrological Monitoring
  • Stack Emissions Monitoring
  • Noise Level Monitoring
  • Soil & Water Sampling
  • Calibration & Repairing Services

RES technicians have over 12 years of experience and are factory trained in servicing and repairing a broad range of instrumentation. RES technical team is a multidiscipline group constructed from grounded industry professionals. A high standard of technical support is offered by staff skilled across disciplines including the areas of measurement, automation, cloud computing systems, environmental science and, consulting.

Core Office Management

Team Members

As we navigate the path ahead, I find it essential to express my expectations both for myself and the company. My commitment is unwavering, and I strive to lead by example. I anticipate a collective dedication to excellence, innovation, and integrity from each of us. Let us continue to push boundaries, maintain the highest standards, and foster an environment of collaboration. Together, we shall propel our company to new heights. Your individual and collective efforts are integral to our success, and I am confident that we will meet and exceed the expectations we set for ourselves.

RES: Your Partner in Environmental Insight